Achieved through our multiple years of experience, we aim to provide concise, yet fun and integrative training on a national scale.

Product Trainers

Instructional Design

Brand Training

Product Training



Our consumer focused events look to not only provide an unforgettable experience but also aim to mold and confirm opinions of your brand. Achieved with passionate and knowledgeable staff, complete event support and industry leading events assets.

Brand Ambassadors

Data Capture & Metric Reports

Mobile Promo Vehicles

Promo Signage


Ride & Drive

Ride and Drive has become a broad term, we at ADS aim to re-write the norm and define this as a Learn & Drive. We commit to going above and beyond our client’s vision and provide an event that is an exciting learning experience. With our physical assets and capable staff we aim to provide your entire event requirements under one roof.

Professional Drivers

Drive Design, Planning & Execution

Vehicle Sourcing & Transport

Program Materials & Equipment



Operational Support

Over the years we have attained the knowledge of what really goes in to an event. Understanding this has allowed us to grow our offerings and provide a ground up approach to our clients. We see things from conception to completion by acknowledging all aspect of a successful product.

Project Management

Comprehensive Event Insurance

Vehicle & Travel Logistics

Event Permits


Tangible Support

We understand that event scopes can change rapidly whether it be prior to or during an event. For this reason we have chosen to own all assets required to execute small to large scale events.
This allows us to offer visually appealing and efficient services no matter how big or small.

53′ Event Trailers

Audio Visual / IT Equipment

Displays & Structures

Classroom & Meeting Equipment


…knowledgeable in all aspects…

ADS has become a true partner in executing our Dealer training and event programs. They are so knowledgeable in all aspects of delivery – from logistics, to drive experiences and facilitators, that they always work in the best interest of our client.

Benjamin Trattner - Account Supervisor, Automotive Events
Bond Brand Loyalty

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